Water Treatment Systems for the Food and Beverage Industry

Waterform Technologies are solving water quality compliance & cost challenges together with industry. We consistently add value to all our industrial effluent treatment projects for food industry applications. Our highly skilled in-house engineers have skills that ensure we provide wastewater management services that meet high industry standards. Our end-to-end industrial water purification solutions provide cost savings, regulatory compliance & operational security.

At Waterform, we understand that Food and Beverage water management challenges require high-quality water purification systems. Our leading Performance & Compliance Guarantees follow on from a proper Site Auditing and Data Analysis process. You can rely on these specialist skills which allows us to focus on the total cost of ownership. Waterform solutions include packaged water treatment, biological & mechanical wastewater or trade-waste treatment and certified water reuse

Our risk management expertise for industrial wastewater treatment & water reuse projects is trusted by our clients. We ensure our industrial wastewater management solutions deliver long-term certainty. We are ‘Solving one of the world’s biggest challenges – Water, Together with Industry’.

We continue to source innovative technologies from across the globe to develop new water treatment methods. At Waterform Technologies, we strive to stay at the forefront of wastewater treatment system for the food and beverage industry. Our vision is to be known as the design-build company that leads the pack in solving clean water scarcity challenges throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.


Guaranteed Outcomes. If you demand long term certainty from your investment in a water or wastewater treatment plant, our ‘water know how’ means we can be trusted to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution. Data and Science underpins our partnering approach.

Looking for a packaged water treatment plant? Our BarrierUF range of systems are performing in demanding applications worldwide, underpinned by a proper optimisation program after plant commissioning, including our leading command platform, iSite Control.

If wastewater treatment is a requirement, Waterform specialises in biological wastewater treatment utilizing proven processes such as moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR) and sequencing batch reactors (SBR) for treatment of sewage and challenging industrial effluents that require specialist know-how to target specific contaminants.

Within our end to end solutions, we also supply mechanical solids separation equipment such as dissolved air flotation systems, screening equipment, UV disinfection, oxidation, membrane separation, chemical dosing & monitoring systems.

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Waterform Technologies are the preferred water partner for solving critical water compliance and cost challenges for government bodies and the food & beverage industry.

Our passion and goal is to solve water related challenges for the long term with our high performance solutions, customised to a particular need.  This is achieved with our brand solutions that epitomise our ‘Water Know How’:

ultraBiox™ – Waste streams treatment

ultraBalance™ – Waste streams compliance

ultraReuse™ – Waste streams treatment & reuse

Barrier-FB™ – Process water treatment

Barrier-P™ – Potable water treatment

Barrier-ECT™- Environmental remediation

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