Ultra Low UVT fluid disinfection systems

Specialist UV Disinfection of opaque liquids such as sugar syrup, beer, milk, wine, tea, juice.


Ultra Low UVT%. Chiyoda have developed a new line of UV disinfection systems called “FSP Series” in treating fluids with super low UV transmittance. The applications that are suitable for the FSP series is disinfection of liquids such as milk, tea, wine, beer, juice (like orange juice) with UV transmittance below 1%. Beer breweries and wineries may be interested in applying FSP UV as a substitution for pasteurization. There are also applications for FSP in recycled water where filtration is not economical.

  • With the conventional UV disinfection systems, it has been virtually impossible to treat fluids with very low UV transmittance due to the limited design/construction/structure.
  • Chiyoda Kohan has developed a new line of revolutionary UV disinfection systems called “FSP Series”, which utilizes a very unique, patent-pending design concept and technology in treating such fluids.
  • FSP series features its anti fouling/deterioration/corrosion effect, heat resistance, pressure resistance, and heat retentionability.
  • Various fluids and solutions, such as fruit juices, liquid sugars,
    milk, acids, alcohols, oils, etc. to which UV could not be applied before, can now be disinfected with FSP series.
  • Performance proving was conducted on activated sludge post pig slaughterhouse waste collection & coffee dose streams with a UVT% Value less than 1%.

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