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Solving Water Scarcity through Water Reuse. See below for the many applications that Waterform can assist with.


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Waterform Technologies is an undisputed industry leader in water recycling & reuse. With a depth of innovative, third party certified technologies and a strong emphasis on risk management, Waterform has completed some of Australia’s most challenging water recycling projects successfully. Whether industrial wastewater, sewage, greywater, blackwater, blowdown water and much more, Waterform has the capacity to design & construct a water recycling facility that meets & exceeds the strictest regulatory requirements. We can, when others can’t.

Another way to put it: Decentralised Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse for Water Savings.


Waterform recently commissioned a BarrierUF ultraReuse WRP for an animal blood processor – no water is discharged offsite so the process also meets ZLD standards. Wastewater is treated through a biological process, clarification, ultrafiltration, GAC, TDS reduction, UV and chlorination. Treated water is used in fire services, site irrigation, wash-down, cleaning & dust suppression.

UltraReuse Industrial



Waterform has designed and commissioned many Class A Standard Greywater recycling plants, with our own unique combination of MBBR, sedimentation & Multibore Ultrafiltration. Greywater is a challenging mix, and Waterform has successfully mastered the art of treating is for safe reuse. Download our water recycling Brochure for more information.

Project examples:

MFB FOLD Facility. DHS Richmond. Hawthorn Aquatic. 171 Collins St, Melb. Upper Westside Apartments.

Waterform advanced greywater recycling plant

Waterform advanced greywater recycling plant


Industry & decentralized communities, resorts and more can take advantage of our compact, AGiO+UF process for sewage treatment – blackwater treatment & reclamation. Utilising a very conservative bio-digestive process that is resistant to toxic shocks and influent volume variability, this process is based on the proven Aqwise MBBR + inge Ultrafiltration technology for low footprint Class A+ water recycling & reuse solutions.

AGiO MBBR Blackwater Treatment & Reuse

AGiO MBBR Blackwater Treatment & Reuse

The AGiO MBBR process tanks in action

The AGiO MBBR process tanks in action

MUNICIPAL WRP – Tertiary Treatment

Waterform offer a comprehensive range of turnkey tertiary and quaternary treatment solutions, from media filtration polishing and UV disinfection through to membrane separation and advanced oxidation for Direct or Indirect Potable Reuse. We keep purple pipe schemes pumping!

Waterform 160l/sec media filtration & UV Disinfection for wastewater - Batemens Bay STP

Waterform 160l/sec media filtration & UV Disinfection for wastewater – Batemens Bay STP

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