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If you need an effective biological wastewater treatment solution, ultraBiox™ is the answer.


Waterform Technologies specialises in biological wastewater management. The ultraBiox™ is able to control and refine both anaerobic and aerobic biological processes to remove organic substances from wastewater. ultraBiox™ represents a bespoke solution approach to biological wastewater treatment, whether for treating trade waste, industrial waste or other. Based on careful consultation and experienced application engineering, an ultraBiox™ solution may use different core biological wastewater treatment methods, meaning the selection of an aerobic or anaerobic process is results driven. Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, the very best technology suited to your application is selected to drive down the total cost of ownership and provide outstanding performance.

Technologies and methods that we have successfully implemented for biological wastewater treatment include moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR), sequencing batch reactors (SBR), surface aeration and MABR processes.

What is biological wastewater treatment? At heart of any biological treatment systems are bacteria that form ‘biomass’, which digest nutrients derived from the wastewater (i.e. organic matter as faeces, sugars, etc). The balance of C:N:P (Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorous) is important to achieve stable and effective operating conditions which is why chemical dosing is often introduced to correct any imbalances. As the biomass grows a percentage will be ‘wasted’ or removed from the process, and biomass can be readily settled within a clarifier, leaving clear water on top, which can be then be reused with further treatment or simply disinfected and discharged to the environment. Methods such as an MBBR process are different – the entire biological activity occurs within biofilm attached to plastic carriers that are suspended in the wastewater, and there is no biomass.

Biological wastewater treatment is extremely effective and universally used for treating sewage wastewater including high strength industrial wastewater.

Waterform Technologies are your trusted partner when it comes to adopting the best biological wastewater treatment solution for the application.

Read more about our AGiO MBBR Process here, including site video: MBBR Process

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