ultraBalance mechanical water solutions


If you need an effective mechanical water treatment or wastewater treatment solution, ultraBalance™ is the answer.


ultraBalance™ represents a bespoke solution approach to waste streams treatment, whether trade waste, industrial waste or other. With careful consultation and experienced application engineering, an ultraBalance™ solution can comprise of different core primary treatment technologies such as: pH Correction; Course Partical Screening; Re-minerilisation; De-chlorination; Dissolved Air Flotation; Lamella Plate Clarification & more. Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, the very best technology suited to your application is selected to help drive down the total cost of ownership and provide outstanding performance.

Introduction to our Technologies.

  • Dissolved Air Flotation – DAF. As part of a tailored solution Waterform support some of the most respected USA engineered DAF systems available to ensure your peace of mind and long-term operational excellence.
  • Course Particle Screening. Along with wedgewire style systems, screening systems to separate grit, silt, bone, waste animal parts and much more are available – application specific
  • Lamella Clarification. Based on the tried and trusted lamella (incline) plate system, Waterform design and build lamella plate clarifiers for industrial applications in Australia.
  • pH Correction. Our know-how around batch and constant flow pH correction design and set up is the difference between failure and success – stable, neutral  pH or wildly varying pH of discharged trade waste. The ultraBalance pH balancing system with CarbSorb odour control is a proven solution in high strength industrial wastewater applications.
  • Chemical dosing. From chlorination systems through to acid dosing and more, we custom build self bunded chemical dosing systems with automatic digital controls for accurate, safe metering of chemicals in highly sensitive environments.
  • Online monitoring & instrumentation. pH, TDS, free chlorine, NTU, UVT%, Pressure, Flow, Temperature, ORP and much more…we install, commissioning and maintain online monitoring equipment to keep treatment plants compliant & running smoothly.

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