Increasing sustainability through industrial water reuse

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February 9, 2016
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March 11, 2016
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Increasing sustainability through industrial water reuse


Increasing sustainability through industrial wastewater treatment is a beckoning opportunity!


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Adequate quantity and quality of clean, safe water supply for a variety of users is at the core of sustainable development. However, industrial water use has tripled since 1950 and demand is growing rapidly. It is estimated that 80% of the used water is discharged back to the natural environment globally without any treatment, which reduces the potential for the water it is polluting to be used effectively.

‘Wastewater’, better rephrased as ‘used water’, is recognized as a resource that can contribute to filling the supply gap. Meeting future needs will be driven by efficiency enhancement and waste minimization. Water recycling or reuse is seen as a step towards the solution, with beneficial effects on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions control.

For industrial companies across many sectors such as food & beverage, water presents an operational challenge and a cost item, as well as an opportunity for growth. As the availability of water as a resource is localized and can be limited, this is particularly true in arid regions where water is scarce and the environment is sensitive to industrial discharges. Attention is increasingly paid to opportunities for industrial water users to conserve, reuse and share water. Incentives are straightforward: minimizing water use can bring economic savings in production costs and reduce dependency on water resource supply…

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