EPA compliance for wastewater discharged at premium winery

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December 5, 2016
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February 7, 2017
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EPA compliance for wastewater discharged at premium winery

Waterform solves EPA compliance requirements for Australia’s wineries.




As part of the wine making process, significant volumes of wastewater are generated and with our client continuing to expand their winery operations, enhanced wastewater treatment was required to allow unabated operations.


Our clients are committed to environmental excellence and in order continue compliance with the vintage season fast approaching, Waterform Technologies was engaged to provide engineering consultancy and investigate a fit-for-purpose solution to ensure any wastewater discharged met regulatory odour emission limitations.


It was deemed that augmentation of the existing aerated wastewater treatment lagoon would be the most cost effective and timely method to achieve the required outcomes, and Waterform was then engaged to deliver, install and commission a solution.  Existing surface aspirators were decommissioned, and with the re-positioning of two blade aerators and the addition of Fuchs aerators, design focused around complete mixing maximising aeration efficiency.



Waterform will continue to monitor and provide site support services  as part of our promise to our clients:

“Our water know how ensures solutions are delivered with long term certainty for lowest possible total cost of ownership. Performance of each and every plant is verified”

Watch out for our blog articles for more in-depth information about this client soon!


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