May 30, 2016

Industrial Wastewater Reuse Advanced Treatment Plant Dispatched

The BarrierUF Industrial Wastewater Reuse plant will treat up to 100 megalitres / year of mushroom wash-down wastewater and will transform the wastewater to equal or better than potable water quality, for
May 13, 2016

Industrial Wastewater Reuse Treatment Plant Under Construction

From animal blood to crystal clear, safe water? Yes - that is exactly what Waterform are doing, with the advanced treatment plant now near the end of the construction phase. The
May 13, 2016

AGiO MBBR Australian Built WWTP Delivered

Featuring the patented Double Roll aeration action & Aqwise bio-carriers, the AGiO MBBR plant also incorporates Inge Ultrafiltration, UV Disinfection & Chlorination for a class leading reduced footprint and Class A