AGiO MBBR Australian Built WWTP Delivered

AGiO MBBR wastewater treatment plant under construction
April 22, 2016
Industrial Wastewater Reuse Treatment Plant Under Construction
May 13, 2016
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AGiO MBBR Australian Built WWTP Delivered

With factory testing complete, JMCC, NSW have accepted delivery of a brand new AGiO MBBR Water Reclamation Plant today!


Live from site: 

Site install

Featuring the patented Double Roll aeration action & Aqwise bio-carriers, the AGiO MBBR plant also incorporates Inge Ultrafiltration, UV Disinfection & Chlorination for a class leading reduced footprint and Class A Effluent quality. The major benefit for the client is the ability for the MBBR process to maintain consistent output across widely varying input sewage quality parameters, volumes and an inherent resistance to toxic shocks.


Fully modular in construction, the plant is easily expandable by the addition of more modules, and can be shipped as a complete plant safely and easily to anywhere in the world!

Finally, the operators are the biggest beneficiaries – simplistic operation without constant oversight required due to the consistent MBBR treatment process.



Factory acceptance testing




Loading for delivery to site


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