Cooling tower blowdown water recycling to potable standard

171 Collins greywater recycling with Green Star credit
March 11, 2016
AGiO MBBR wastewater treatment plant under construction
April 22, 2016
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Cooling tower blowdown water recycling to potable standard

Cooling Tower Blowdown water recycling


Midal Cables International officially commissioned its $60 Million cable manufacturing plant in Tomago, NSW before 140 members of the Hunter and NSW business community, contractors, project partners and Midal Cables International staff.

 Midal Office

The event was also attended by Midal Cables CEO Hamid Al Zayani along with members of the Midal Cables Executive team who travelled from Bahrain to celebrate this tremendous milestone in the company’s 38 year history.

Behind the technical innovation that makes Midal Cables a leader in Aluminium conductors and wire rods is a commitment to cutting edge site sustainability. At the Midal Cables site, cooling tower blow down water is treated and reused for potable water supplementation in the production process.

Waterform Technologies designed an advanced cooling tower blowdown water treatment plant combining technologies including chemical precipitation, GAC, RO, UV, softening & re-chlorination.

Cooling Tower Blowdown water recycling

Cooling Tower Blowdown water recycling plant


The advanced water recycling plant process ensures that trade-waste costs are negated, tap water use is minimised and the production plant has negligible environmental impact.

Waterform Technologies continues to demonstrate the required understanding and technical ability to delivery world class water reuse projects for water intensive businesses, that lower water related costs, ensure regulatory compliance and solve business continuity challenges in water scarce regions.

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