Waterform deliver holistic, turnkey water and wastewater solutions for Dairy processors that provide lowest possible total cost of ownership & verified performance.


Cheeses. Yogurt. Flavoured Milk. Butter. Powders. The delicious dairy products that Australian & New Zealand Dairy processors produce are globally renowned, but to make these products takes a lot of water! And Waterform has the whole water cycle covered for anyone in Dairy. From alternative source potable water, to ensuring your process water is pure & balanced correctly through to dealing with the  high strength wastewater that dairy processors discharge, a tailored solution is only a call away.

Wastewater discharge from dairy processing plants is typically high strength, often with a condensate stream that will appear clean however contain complex sugars, whilst cleaning & sanitation streams will vary in pH, flows, temperature and solids. The waste loading can be determined by a number of different measurements, typically pH, BOD, TSS, COD and FOG. Many different methods are used to treat this wastewater (often anaerobic lagoons in rural areas or simply pH balancing in urban areas ) and depending on the location, tighter restrictions are now being placed around nutrients & conductivity / sodium (TN, TP, EC). Depending on whether discharge to sewer or the environment is required, Waterform can engineer a solution to meet all compliance requirements along with odour control.

Failing lagoon based treatment systems can be upgraded with new technology, whilst advanced treatment of secondary treated wastewater is achievable for potable standard water quality for use in boilers, cooling towers, irrigation, wash down and more – a value added solution underpinned by strict risk management to enhance payback.

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