chocolate-productionYou take care of the goods and we will take care of the water!

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Waterform deliver holistic, turnkey water and wastewater solutions for confectionery & baking goods producers, that provide lowest possible total cost of ownership & verified performance.

The delicious cereals, bread, biscuits, chocolate & other associated tasty goods that Australian & New Zealand processors produce are globally renowned.

And Waterform has the whole water cycle covered for anyone crafting and baking these goods. From alternative source potable water, to ensuring your process water is pure & balanced correctly through to dealing with the high strength wastewater, a tailored solution is only a call away.

Wastewater discharge from processing plants is typically high strength (BOD primarily) with the base load being sugar derived, whilst cleaning & sanitation streams will vary in pH, flows, temperature and solids. Buffering and odour generated from wastewater stored for any amount of time is always a challenge – as a majority of processors are located in suburban areas.

Waterform specialise in value added solutions underpinned by strict risk management to enhance payback.

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