Wow – Brewing beer does look complex. That’s why we leave that to the experts. We focus on pure water coming in and treating the wastewater on the way out.

Brewery wastewater treatment: from microbreweries to large malting facilitates, we have the whole water cycle covered. From ensuring your process water is pure & balanced correctly through to dealing with the typical high strength wastewater that brewers discharge, a tailored solution is only a call away.

Whilst the focus on brewery wastewater may be on TSS, BOD & pH generally, in rarer cases their may be restriction on peak flows, ammonia & temperature.

Along with this are the typically swinging pH of brewery wastewater, as an example when¬†brewing and packaging , the pH will tend to be low, around 5, however when a CIP is carried out, the pH will be high, often around 12. If there is storage of the wastewater, the wild yeast and bacteria will ferment in the water and generate acids that will lower the pH over time. That’s why brewery wastewater treatment takes skill.

All this is capped off with highly varying discharge fees that water boards may charge from region to region, which will impact on what type of wastewater treatment solution is selected to provide a better payback.

We also look at ways to implement advanced treatment of wastewater, to provide pure water for reuse, and whether there is a business case to do so.

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