New nutrient reduction targets impacting your lagoon based effluent treatment system? Overloaded abattoir wastewater treatment system? Need to reuse wastewater to reduce outflows? You’ve come to the right place for a fit-for-purpose solution! 


Abattoir wastewater. An abattoir (or slaughterhouse) can source process water from rivers, lakes, bores, ‘tap’ water or even site dams and will discharge wastewater or effluent from many different process streams. We cover the whole water cycle ensuring your process / drinking water is high purity & balanced correctly through to dealing with the typical high strength wastewater that meat processors discharge, and a tailored solution is only a call away. A major challenge for all meat processors is regulatory compliance whether to EPA, AQIS, Water board or other, and we help focus on the required compliance outcome.

What does abattoir wastewater look like? Or should we say, smell like 🙂 

Wastewater or effluent discharged from abattoirs (slaughterhouse) is a potent mix, with two streams typically (red & green) often being separated prior to treatment, and treatment processes need to deal with paunch, solids, fats, proteins and carbohydrates from meat, fat, blood, skin, etc. The waste loading can be determined by a number of different measurements, typically BOD, TSS, COD and FOG. Many different methods are used to treat this wastewater  – such as DAF or biological systems.

Nutrient reduction. New restrictions are now being placed around nutrients which are nitrogen and phosphorous (TN, TP) in discharge streams to the environment. Depending on whether discharge to sewer or the environment is required, Waterform can engineer a solution to meet all nutrient compliance requirements along with odour control. As many existing abattoir wastewater treatment systems have focused on BOD, COD and FOG reduction, this means systems may require careful upgrades to include nutrient reduction technology.

Overloaded lagoon based treatment systems can be upgraded with new technology, whilst advanced treatment of secondary treated wastewater is achievable to produce water of potable standard, for use in boilers, cooling towers, irrigation, wash down and more – a value added solution underpinned by strict risk management that enhances project payback. The goal of utilising this type of wastewater as a resource by extracting energy via bio-gas, fertiliser and clean water is very achievable. Get in touch with us now to learn more!

We’ve got a very challenging wastewater from blood rendering to produce high value supplements, and to turn this into potable standard water for reuse is a big achievement. The Waterform treatment plant is performing steadily.

Brad Morris | Sonac Australia

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