Equipment & Systems

Waterform Technologies has a broad range of water treatment systems and equipment. Our systems and equipment are capable of delivering the most effective solution for your water or wastewater treatment needs. We employ only the most advanced water treatment methods such as ultrafiltration, biological treatment, industrial effluent treatment and more.

The performance of every piece of water treatment equipment in our range ensures your company complies with high-quality water purification standards. Our water treatment solutions are delivered with the certainty that they will stand the test of time, reducing cost of ownership. Click on your preferred water treatment solutions below to know more about their capabilities. If you have any enquiries about our equipment or systems, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Inge Ultrafiltration Membrane and Rack

Inge Ultrafiltration technology is used in treating drinking water, wastewater, process water and more.

BarrierUF Packaged Ultrafiltration Plants

Barrier UF™ plants can incorporate an Ultrafiltration control software known as MemTune™.

AGiO MBBR Biological Treatment Plants

Our AGiO™ plants are built in Australia, and comply with all Australian electrical and mechanical standards.

Ultra Violet Disinfection

We are the exclusive Australian distributor for UV disinfection equipment manufactured by LIT UV Technology.

Chemical Dosing Systems

Our chemical dosing equipment is used in anaerobic digestion processing for cleaning industrial effluent.

Filtration Media

We have three types of filtration media that effectively filter solids from wastewater.

UV Systems Commercial & Industrial

Our UV systems are manufactured by LIT, SITA, Aquafine and more.