DAF – Dissolved Air Flotation Systems for solids separation

DAF Water Treatment

Dissolved air flotation, or DAF is a highly popular wastewater treatment process used by many water intensive industries such as oil refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants, natural gas processing plants, paper mills, food and beverage industry, general water treatment and similar industrial facilities in order to reduce pollutant loads in wastewater streams by removing suspended solids, BOD, fats oils and greases including organics depending on the level of optimisation.


Ideal DAF Works


DAF water treatment eliminates pollutants by clarifying the water through the removal of suspended matter such as oil or solids.

Waterform Technologies are proficient in providing DAF or Dissolved Air Flotation wastewater treatment solutions and can even custom engineer a system that meets your business’ exact project requirements. We provide optimisation services around chemical usage and contact times to ensure that your DAF is operating to its best potential. 


Easily transportable design

Easily transportable design


Waterform is supporting either FRC Industries DAF or the World Water Works DAF1 – which has distinct, proprietary, and patent pending features explore new techniques to maximize Stoke’s Law, Brownian Motion, and Coagulation Principals.


Some typical design features & benefits of systems that Waterform support:


  1. Crossflow Design – Results in higher residence time and lower footprint
  2. Progressive Water Extraction technology – Results in higher removals and lower footprint
  3. Plate Separation technology – Provides higher surface area for solids removal
  4. Regenerative Turbine System – Creates very fine bubbles of 5-15 microns resulting in high removal efficiency, lower power requirement and lower chemistry
  5. Cone Bottom Sludge Removal – Provides easy sludge removal


Even some installations for our clients in the Abattoir industry are achieving 75% reduction of TSS and non-soluble BOD without the use of chemicals! A further benefit of engaging with Waterform is that we provide you with a complete turnkey design meaning not only is the DAF taken care of but so are balance tanks, chemical dosing facilities, monitoring, sludge handling and treatment, pumping and ongoing support. 




Wastewater is pumped into a DAF (Dissolved air flotation) system and mixed with a stream of “whitewater”, which is recirculated clarified water from the DAF that is super saturated with dissolved air. As these two stream mix together, microscopic bubbles attach to solid particulates, giving them enough buoyancy to go to the surface of the DAF tank.

As solids accumulate in a floating layer of sludge on the top of the DAF tank, a skimmer gently pushes the sludge toward a discharge tank or hopper.

Any solids that don’t float will sink to the “V” bottom of the DAF tank. Settled solids are concentrated and discharged by an automatically controlled pneumatic drain valve.

The clarified water flows out via an under-over weir on either side of the DAF unit. Some of this water is used in the recirculation loop while the rest flows out of the vessel for discharge or further treatment.

Get in touch with a Dissolved Air Flotation system expert today, for a turnkey solution! 



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