AGiO MBBR Advanced Biological Treatment System

ultraBiox AGiO™ series



MBBR Technology. Waterform design, build & commission state of the art sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment plants under the AGiO™ brand, with a focus on advanced MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) technology. We use the advanced Aqwise biocarrier design with a superior level of carrier surface area and special pattern aeration for maximised efficiency.

The AGiO™ MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) design can be installed in all types of tanks, new & existing, or as a containerised solution to best fit the clients exact requirements.





We offer design, build, commission & maintain service. Our plants are built right here in Australia meaning you get expert local support and electrical & mechanical standards that comply to AS requirements. We offer decentralised solutions with containerised packaged plants.


How the client benefits from the Waterform AGiO™ MBBR design: 

  1. Simple. Reduced complexity without finely balanced process controls requiring extended operator involvement
  2. AGiO™ = Attached Growth Induced O2
  3. Up to 79% smaller than alternative activated sludge treatment systems, saving significant $$$
  4. Can be retrofit into any size or shape tank or containerised for fully transportable solution from site to site
  5. Self controlled with iSite smart control system
  6. Resistant to variable quality & quantity sewage
  7. Recovers fast from toxic chemical spills or fats, oils & grease spills
  8. Minimal maintenance, no wastewater expert operator required saving significant operation related $$$
  9. Odour free
  10. Very stable effluent quality

MBBR biological wastewater treatment is suitable for greenfield development sites, wineries, breweries, food processors, heavy industry, beverage producers + many more applications.




The AGiO MBBR design bodes well for operators tired of complex, non-compliant sewage treatment plants by demonstrating how advantageous the MBBR process is in ironing out influent quality variations without complex tuning needed.

You can see the aeration zones and bio-carriers in action in the raw site video below (AGiO MBBR installed at a Rail Camp in NSW). Also shown is a video of a site pilot using Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technology for Denitrification.

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