‘Solving one of the world’s biggest challenges’ – Water

 pure water from water recycling


We exist to contribute to solving one of the world’s biggest challenges – by increasing the world’s finite water resources.  We do this by providing clean water & wastewater treatment solutions that perform for the long term and furthermore we focus on delivering in three key areas to guarantee this long term certainty:


  1. Certified risk management processes
  2. Advanced treatment technologies to exceed water quality objectives
  3. Plant optimisation via site support services to back up our risk management and treatment technologies


As a result, Waterform are a recognised water treatment and wastewater treatment partner of choice for industry, for solving critical water security & compliance challenges.

We’re solving industries water problems for the long term with our high performance solutions customised to particular needs, which is especially relevant for water intensive businesses.

Key Brands: 


ultraBiox™ – Biological wastewater treatment, waste streams discharge compliance
ultraReuse™ – Water recycling and reuse, waste streams treatment and reuse
ultraBalance™ – Mechanical solids separation, chemical treatments, trade waste discharge compliance 
Barrier-FB™ – Drinking water treatment plants, Process water treatment
Barrier-P™ – Drinking water treatment plants, Potable water treatment


The performance of each and every solution  we deliver is verified to ensure our promise to you is met. Consequently, our water know how ensures solutions are delivered with long term certainty for lowest possible total cost of ownership.


Our services:


  • Specialist treatment processes for select contaminants
  • Solve challenges across the whole water cycle for industry
  • Innovation combined with superior risk management strategies solve water scarcity & wastewater quality compliance challenges, all in close partnership with industry & regulators. We test, deploy & support global technical innovations in advanced water recycling.
  • Look to us for superior know-how for applications such as wastewater treatment, biological wastewater treatment, DAF water treatment, indirect Potable Reuse, stormwater harvesting, trade waste treatment & effluent reuse, blackwater treatment, greywater recycling, industrial wastewater recycling and more. We excel in treating ‘hard to treat’ water resources.
  • Waterform offers highly skilled in-house engineering capabilities, build, test, commissioning & ongoing wastewater managed services for a turnkey service.
  • Waterform brings a new level of value and increased performance to all of our industrial wastewater treatment projects, including food industry applications.


water recycling

Waterform Warehouse


⇒ The Waterform Story ⇐



Then and Now


Waterform has roots founded deep in water. Water is our passion. Our inspirational story of entrepreneurship and hard work is like so many other success stories of Australian family owned companies. In the mid 1990’s Waterform’s founders were up working hard before sunrise, travelling out to a remote water well near Mt Moligal, that tapped into the ‘underground Loddon river’ in the Central Goldfields region of Victoria, to collect tank loads of pure water for their small bottled water production facility which was distributed throughout regional Victoria.

With a rapidly growing clientele, investment was made in a new filtration & UV disinfection plant and our founder’s interest in water treatment technologies was born. From this point, investment was made in water testing technologies, a steam distillation plant and a deionization plant for supplying pure water to clients such as Swisse pharmaceuticals. Offering advanced water treatment technologies to a wider market was of particularly interest and an intensive learning mission was begun – travelling the globe to investigate water technologies. From a distribution warehouse in Auckland, NZ, to the depths of Microdyn Nadirs’ membrane R&D facility in Weisbaden Germany, and being lectured by a Microwave UV expert in the UK, extensive groundwork was done by our founders to build the enviable product portfolio and experience that is Waterform.

And today we continue to source innovative technologies from all over the globe and develop new treatment methods to ensure we stay at the forefront of water treatment innovation to solve ever-increasing compliance challenges.


The Future


Our Vision for the future is to empower our clients to take advantage of technological breakthroughs in water reuse and solve water scarcity through better water management. Our goal is to be the leading water treatment design-build company in Australasia that makes water reuse economical sense for clients. Industry word wide is looking for water security and we know how to deliver it.


Our Vision


To be the pace setting design-build company solving compliance & clean water scarcity challenges throughout Australia, NZ and the Pacific region.


Our Mission


We desire to help our clients maximise their water resources by applying our visionary water ‘know how’ to provide innovative solutions with long term certainty. Creating trust & certainty through a deep understanding of how to achieve the required outcomes and mitigate risks.


Our Values:



Challenge the Conventional.

Be Diligent Always.

Be Open & Collaborative.

Show Respect for Everyone.

Be an Energetic Can-Doer.


How do we do it?

Client Consultation, Feasibility Study, ROI Risk Assessments,t 10%
Application Engineering, Process Design 20%
Detailed Engineering & Design 40%
Build, Installation 60%
Commissioning & Verification 90%
Ongoing Service and Support, Maintenance, Auditing 100%