Industrial Wastewater Treatment

What do we do?

  • Water is the elixir of life, the lifeblood of industry, a source of energy, scarce in drinkable quality, yet plentiful in unusable forms. It’s time we made the most of this unique resource and Waterform is meeting that challenge with our leading industrial wastewater treatment solutions.

  • By unlocking the potential of existing water resources through innovation combined with superior risk management strategies, we solve water scarcity & wastewater quality compliance challenges, all in close partnership with industry & regulators. We test, deploy & support global technical innovations in advanced water recycling.

  • Look to us for superior wastewater know-how for Direct Potable Reuse, DAF water treatment, Indirect Potable Reuse, stormwater harvesting, trade waste treatment & effluent reuse, blackwater treatment, greywater recycling, industrial wastewater recycling and all conventional water and wastewater treatment. We excel in treating ‘hard to treat’ water resources.

  • Whether providing a turnkey solution or inge UF modules, a UV Disinfection system or other equipment to a construction contractor, Waterform offers highly skilled in-house engineering capabilities, build, test, commissioning & ongoing wastewater managed services.

  • Waterform brings a new level of value and increased performance to all of our industrial wastewater treatment projects, including the large scale food industry

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Our Story

Waterform Technologies is a privately owned company, with corporate headquarters & a manufacturing / assembly facility located in Central Victoria, Australia. Our wastewater projects span every state in Australia and reach beyond our shores to Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Waterform work with clients to provide the best industrial wastewater treatment solutions.



Some of our recently completed water recycling projects.

Murray Bridge Stormwater Recycling Plant

Waterform designed, built and commissioned a high rate Filtration & UV Disinfection plant to clean up to 252m3/HR of captured stormwater destined for Murray Bridge township sporting fields, public spaces and reserves. Rather than the brownish scene the greets visitors to Murray Bridge in summer, visitors and residents alike can now enjoy some welcome green spaces. This initiative to make use of available water resources will save millions of litres of tap water a year and drought proof public areas.

Baralaba Water Treatment Plant

Waterform was contracted to design and build an 2 stage 2MLD BarrierUF Ultrafiltration plant with the robust INGE Ultrafiltration membrane. Part of a water treatment plant treating river from the flood prone Dawson River in QLD, the plant was designed for heavy TSS & NTU loads whilst offering leading permeability, recovery & membrane lifespan guarantees. The client was familiar with outside-in UF technology and Waterform demonstrated that inside-out Multibore technology is leap forward in operational performance and stability and there was no rational reason to stick with the ‘old’ technology. “We’ve always done it this way” is a saying Waterform loves to challenge!

Coca Cola Amatil Ardmona Alternative Water Treatment Plant

Waterform Technologies recently supplied a packaged Barrier UF™ plant with inge technology, to an OEM distributor who was contracted by Coca Cola Ardmona to deliver a purely performance based alterative source water treatment plant. Only the most rigorous technology was good enough for this important juice supply line, with a record lead time of 4 weeks required to design, build & commission the UF plant, to meet project performance objectives. With validated Multibore™ membranes, a guarantee for no fiber breakage, no air scour required for membrane cleaning & a reduced footprint, the Barrier UF™ plant ticked all the advanced treatment boxes. Water source was a local river sourced irrigation channel saving precious tap water – solving water scarcity in action.